Tackle Football

Boys, Ages 5-12
We are excited to announce the Plaquemine Blue Devils Youth (Tackle) Football program.
Join us on May 29 at 6PM for an organizational meeting and sign-up at the Plaquemine Civic Center. Follow the official Facebook page for more info.

Registration begins May 27th and ends June 21st. Cost to register is $50.

The program is tentatively scheduled for August-October, at Belleview Park in Plaquemine. Practice begins in July.
If you are interested in participating or want to learn more about the program contact, Dwayne with IRPD at (225) 687-0641.

This league will be governed by the Youth High School Preparatory League of Louisiana.

Age requirements for teams:

D Team: Ages 5-6 (Players can be 7 after Jan.1 of the current year)

C Team: Ages 7-8 (Players can be 9 after Jan.1 of the current year)

B Team: Ages 9-10 (Players can be 11 after Jan.1 of the current year)

A Team: Ages 11-12 (Players can be 13 after Jan.1 of the current year)

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