Staff & Council

Our mission is to provide both adults and youth in the area with quality athletic programs and events.

Erik Willis

Executive Director

Brandon Messina

Assistant to the Executive Director

Nikita Woolfolk

North Iberville Program Manager

Juan Darville

East Iberville Program Manager

Myron Gibson

Program Coordinator

April Canella

Office Manager

Carrie Grace Boesch

Communications Manager

Park Staff

Andre Riley

Maintenance Supervisor

Chris Raymond

Belleview Park Maintenance Supervisor

Billy Bujol

Park Maintenance

Mike Hano

Park Maintenance

Gentil Nicholas

Park Maintenance

Donald Ray Jenkins

Park Maintenance

Giles Hillery

Park Maintenance

Dekion Dupuy

Park Maintenance

Connor Stassi

Park Maintenance

Taijh Young

Park Maintenance

Cody Spriggs

Park Maintenance

Danny Green

Park Maintenance

Rodrick Green

Park Maintenance

Parish Council

Chris Daigle

Parish President

Shalanda Allen

Councilwoman District 1

Chasity Easley

Councilwoman District 2

Thomas Dominique, Sr.

Councilman District 3

Freddie Frazier, Sr.

Councilman District 4

Steve Smith

Councilman District 5

Raheem Pierce

Councilman District 6

Nadia Jenkins

Councilwoman District 7

Hunter Markins

Councilman District 8

Terry Bradford

Councilman District 9

Chasity Martinez

Councilwoman District 10

Charles Dardenne

Councilman District 11

Matthew Jewell

Council Chairman & Councilman District 12

Barton Morgan

Councilman District 13